Fees / How To Register

Full Day Session 8.00am - 6.00pm £55.00
Half Day Morning Session 8.00am - 1.00pm £31.00
Half Day Afternoon Session 1.00pm - 6.00pm £31.00
The option of an early start must be booked in advance via the office:

7.45-8am charged at £1.50 per session, 7.30-8am charged at £3.00 per session

Additional ad hoc days may be booked in advance and are charged at £55.00 per day.

5% discount is offered for full time places and a 10% discount is given for siblings.

We offer Free Early years Education for 2 year olds - contact us for more information.

We accept all childcare vouchers schemes. Children are entitled to nursery education 30 hour and 15 hour grant from the term following their 3 rd birthday. We offer the grant through full day bookings. The cost for services such as meals and snacks outside the free entitlement (nursery grant) is £12.60 per day.

No deductions are made for absenteeism i.e holiday.

There is an additional charge for extracurricular activities i.e .Jo Jingles

Late Collection Fee:
Children must be collected by 6pm each day. Or if a child does a morning session they must be collected at 1pm. There is a late collection charge of £10 for the first 5 minutes and then £5 for every 5minutes after that.

Late Payment Fee
Fees are due to be paid in advance, invoices are issued the end of the month to be paid on the 1 st of the next month. For example your will be invoice issued on 24th October therefore to be paid on the 1 st November. A late payment charge of 10% of your monthly bill will be added to your next invoice if your bill is not paid in full by the 1 st of each month.

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